Orcs, Strange Beings, and Fighting; A Strange Encounter!

Today, Loygan and his compatriots got lost within the caverns, me being weary about allowing these three to wander off alone, decided to follow them to the best of my abilities as we somehow lost Grokka and Malenti. Perhaps they were preoccupied themselves, only fate can tell I suppose. I trust them to be strong enough, heroes normally are, right? I’d bet they’re dealing with their own personal fight with Izalma himself. Grokka’s probably blasting a few orcish axes with Malenti’s bow firing off arrows…

A small note written below the paragraph: Oh dear, I’m rambling again, more for my personal journal.

Upon stumbling into an open clearing in the cavern that looks to the sky, we found an item that suggested Orcs were in the area. With the sounds of fighting, we stumbled on a strange… elemental? Slag run off from the industry near by perhaps caused this, however we have yet to elaborate more upon this. We joined the fight with the Orcs, but the elemental was besting them through strange methods of fighting. It was merging with the ground and would end up behind the orcs in a few seconds.

Another note is sprawled below this: Practice basics once more, missing that initial swing could’ve been dangerous for Loygan and all of those orcs there.

I assume I was slow to catch onto the weakness of this individual, but the weapons were most certainly effective when this being was totally out of the earth. Upon talking to it, we’ve discovered Izalma’s playing another trick on us again, that he just wanted to frustrate us. I know Loygan and his band of gunners weren’t phased any more than I was.

Suddenly he started to attack me, I remembered my master’s training and used a singular slash once he appeared. I fear repeats and will resume my previous practice from this moment forward to ensure that I do not miss once more. However, the being was defeated and it was honestly best it attack me as Loygan can save his ammunition for real threats.

A small note attached to the side of this: Each time I eat, apply old training methods to get the understanding of basic swings to not mess up once more. Practice swinging a sword with each direction of a compass, even including the ordinal directions.

The elemental of sorts was defeated, we said our goodbyes to the orcs and went our separate ways to look for a way out of the caves with our missing heroes.


Lwalker GoodGuyCap

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