Merfolk, Explosions and Fists; A Good Journeying

Day 1

Malenti is strangely missing… The caves seem to have gotten the better of him. Hopefully we’ll meet up further down the range… My concern grows by the hour.

Ah, but there is nothing that helps you forget your worries like the smell of old rock and the rumble of the Aurivera hundreds of feet below. Grokka might disagree on that point, he seems more keen on blowing up cliffs than striding them. Lucky for him, we spotted a pack of Merfolk traders when the cliff got low enough to see beneath the water! Of all the people to NOT know about blast weed, I never would have guessed Grokka to be among them. I hinted that bartering may be in his best interests, one thing led to another, and the next thing I know Grokka has one more incredibly dangerous tool in his arsenal!

Wait, what have I done?

Day 3

Malenti finally rejoins us! Relief is shared by all, but he’s being awfully quiet on the reason for his absence…

We don’t have much time to pester the Elf before the Orcs make it very clear whose territory it is. Wait, no, we’re still confused. They’re fighting and everyone is falling to pieces. Grokka runs off to fight with little more than a battlecry to explain what’s happening. (*Note: find out what is a “Jackwagon” from Grokka later). The fight seemed more flashy than dangerous, Grokka came back virtually unharmed at the battle’s end. I must be sure to ask him whether he won or not….

Just when I thought there couldn’t be any more Orcs, well… there were more Orcs. Evidently Malenti failed to let us know that he had proposed to an Orc maiden! He also failed to mention that the Orc maiden’s Orc father who wielded big, blunt Orc weapons was following him, and, consequently, us. I naturally came to Malenti’s aid, defending his noble honor. He would make a great husband, no matter what this oaf of a father has to say about it! They came upon me faster than my tentacles could coil. In a flash, Sebastian was at my side (what a brave man, he is!) and the next thing I knew my tentacles were pulled into tight balls and I was literally beating some sense into this Orc. Him having learned his lesson (and of Malenti being married to the Fellowship), we set off. I pray for the day when it will be the Overlord’s face I beat to a pulp instead.


Lwalker ViceVersa

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