Loygan Proudarm

Octodad's Heavily Armed Cousin


Loygan Proudarm stands at a towering 5’2 when stretched to the very ends of his tentacles. His skin is a cracked and stony grey that looks and smells like a cliff face beaten down by the salty spray of the Shivering Sea for the past century or two.


The Ironblast

The Ironblast Dwarves are madcap inventors and chemists known throughout the world for their wondrous and dangerous creations. They’re more than willing to share their inventions… if the price is right.

Loygan Proudarm is one such inventor. Known for his work with military-grade experimentation with sparkdust, he has started his own business, Proudarm Munitions. This entrepreneur is renowned for his sense of honor and fairness (at least compared to other corporate big wigs in the Coral Keep).

His home town of Tide’s End being destroyed by the Overlord, Izalma, he has vowed to do whatever he can to make the Shield a safer place for the Dwarves, one haphazard explosion at a time.

Loygan Proudarm

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